Jagjit Enterprises Private Limited Blog http://www.jagjitenterprises.com/blog/ Latest Products Thu, 08 Jun 2023 19:31:49 +0530 en-us http://www.jagjitenterprises.com Factors To Be Considered Before Getting Assy Air Tanks Installed http://www.jagjitenterprises.com/blog/factors-to-be-considered-before-getting-assy-air-tanks-installed_7369.htm Thu, 29 Aug 2019 11:02:09 +0530 Assy air tanks or normal air tanks are used for the proper storage of compressed air or gas before it could be passed on to enter the system or the equipment. This ensures that in case there is a hike or spike in pressure requirements, there is some buffer air in the tank that can be made to use instead of getting the vehicle or equipment to face a complete shutdown. These air tanks ensure that these fluctuations in pressure or air demands do not affect the working or mechanism of the system. If you are also reaching out to Assy air tank manufacturers, here are some of the key factors you should certainly consider.   Minimizes Pressure Fluctuations: The major factor to consider while buying these tanks from air tank manufacturer in Lucknow is the pressure fluctuations that it can minimize. The air pressure has a huge impact on the entire process of production and even more on the end product and its quality. You need to keep the output pressure of your compressor and the point of user’s application needs in mind while selecting the assy tank from the assy air tank suppliers. The pressure in the tank needs to be sufficient for the process so that the compressed air that is stored in the tanks can be useful. This is the main reason that makes finding an air tank that minimizes the pressure fluctuations and can allow the compressed gas to be used feasibly.   Ensures Safety: Safety is always the first consideration of any industry and for any tool or equipment it is working on. Whether you are using air tanks for commercial vehicles or for any other use, ensuring their complete safety should always be the first consideration. It should be checked that the air tanks are able to shut the systems down completely in case there is an emergency situation.   Reduce Air Consumption: Air is one of the energies on earth and conserving it should always be the top motto of all air gas tank suppliers in Lucknow or any other city. An air receiver is known to reduce the air consumption. This would also enable your air tanks to work on tighter pressures and longer cycles by letting the compressors to load or unload. IN order to meet increased flow demand as well, the tanks should be properly sized. This would save energy consumption substantially. Moreover, larger tanks with more air would also prevent the motor from restarting again and again and also extend the overall life cycle of the compressor or the air tank.    Meeting Increased Air Demand: Many times higher demand of compressed air might be required in a very short notice, the air tank must be able to handle such spikes. This is to ascertain that the pressure never reaches the point below the level that is accepted according to standards. The air receiver would allow the storage space for meeting such peak demands and that too in a short period of time. The air tank should be able to meet such demands and avoid any type of shortage that it might face. Shock Absorber Cross Member: What Are Its Benefits and Features? http://www.jagjitenterprises.com/blog/shock-absorber-cross-member-what-are-its-benefits-and-features_7683.htm Tue, 19 Nov 2019 11:50:27 +0530 There are various sections and structural parts that are required for the entire vehicle to run or perform in a proper way. Each and every part has a crucial role in the vehicle to play. Some of the important vehicle parts used in automobiles like cars, trucks, and buses are cross members. Cross members are the structural sections that are transverse to the main structures. Usually, cross members are built with steel, often boxed, and are bolted across the underside of a monocoque or unibody motor vehicle to support the internal combustion engine and transmission. For proper handling of any vehicle or for the suspension of the vehicle to operate as it should or to keep the body panels of the vehicle in alignment, the cross member has to be sturdy enough to cope with the loads applied to it. It must not bend or deflect and it should have enough torsional strength to resist twisting.There are many types of cross members, which are widely used in the automotive industry. The assortment of cross members utilized in the vehicles includes Assy Cross Member, End Cross Member, and Shock Absorber Cross Member. Shock absorber cross member or hydraulic shock absorber bracket is one of the important transverse pieces, which is designed to provide support to some big and heavy structure in a vehicle.Features and Benefits of shock absorber cross members-Depending on the type of use and the size of the vehicle, cross member suppliers in India supply different types and sizes of these cross members. These special vehicle parts have certain features that make them very useful and efficient. Here are some of the benefits of using these cross members in different vehicles.• High Strength And Durable In Nature: These vehicle parts have very high- strength and are sturdy in nature. This is why they can withstand any kind of jerks and harsh movements of the vehicle during its running mode.• Supreme quality components used to fabricate these parts: These useful vehicle parts are made by making use of high-quality materials and components. They are resistant to rust and therefore, do not lose their efficiency easily.• Low Maintenance: Owing to their high-efficiency, sturdiness, and rust-proof feature, these cross members do not need much maintenance. They can serve their purpose efficiently without the risk of any kind of defects during the working process.• Long-Life Guarantee: The shock absorber cross members are very solid in nature and therefore ensure long life terms to serve their purposes. They can be used in any type of vehicle to fix the other parts of the vehicle and hold them in their position for a long duration without any malfunction.• Quality Tested: These cross members are always tested before supplying to different parts of the world. They are polished properly and perfectly packed so that they reach the customers in better condition.• Budget-Friendly Price: These cross members are very affordable and are also easily available in the vehicle-parts market nowadays, in all parts of the world. They are widely used by vehicle engineers and mechanics to repair and replace the old cross members with the new ones.Owing to the high efficiency, the shock absorber cross members are produced in large quantities in India. People can approach one of the top cross member suppliers in Lucknow to fulfill their bulk and urgent requirements. End Cross Member for Vehicles – Why it is known as the backbone of every vehicle http://www.jagjitenterprises.com/blog/end-cross-member-for-vehicles-why-it-is-known-as-the-backbone-of-every-vehicle_8270.htm Fri, 28 Feb 2020 12:34:37 +0530 An end cross member assembly for a vehicle, comprising: an upper panel; a pair of lower panels assembled at a lower side of both end portions of the upper panel to form the first box. Also the center lower panel, a middle portion of which is assembled to a lower middle portion of the upper panel.   Moreover its includes and a front side lower arm mounting panel and a rear side lower arm mounting panel that is disposed at a lower front side and a lower rear side of the cross. Member assembly, respectively, and mounted to the both end portions of the upper panel to house a lower arm.   What is a cross member for a vehicle? It is an essential section of steel, usually boxed, that is bolted through the bottom of a monologue/unibody motor vehicle, mainly, to support the inner combustion engine and / or transmission.   For the suspension of any car to function as it should, for appropriate handling, and to possess the body panels in alignment, the frame has to be solid enough to cope with the loads put on it. It must not deflect, and it has to have enough torsional strength to resist twisting. Important parts of the cross member for vehicles   Front Bulkhead Comp The Bulkhead is positioned at the front of the automobile.   Front wheelhouse comp The Front Wheelhouse is built with the dome-shaped wheelhouse that palls the tires and obstacle space that holds the suspension dampers.   Front Wheelhouse Upper The Front Wheelhouse Upper Member is welded to the Front Wheelhouse Component.   Rear Frame Comp The Rear Frame is the frame positioned from the rear seat to the rear bumper. Strength and rigidity are the key components to protect the cabin and fuel tank in the case of a collision.   Rear Wheelhouse Comp The Rear Wheelhouse supports the pillar, parcel shelf, seat belt harnesses, cargo hooks, and electronic and sound system units.   Floor Frame Comp The Floor Frame Component runs longitudinally from the front Side Frame and ties into the Center Floor Frame and Inside Sill.   Center Floor Frame The Center Floor Frame runs longitudinally from the Front Side Frame to the Mid Floor Cross Member. This component, along with the Inside Sill, aids in improving the torsional and bending rigidity which then aids in reducing the noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) of the vehicle.   Inside Sill The Inside Sill runs longitudinally from the Front Side Frame to the Rear Frame on the outboard sides of the vehicle.   Floor Tunnel The Floor Tunnel runs longitudinally from the Front Side Frame to the Mid Floor Cross Member in the center of the vehicle.   Spare Tire Pan The Spare Tire Pan is located in the rear of the vehicle directly below the trunk cargo area. The main purpose of this part is to house the spare tire.   Qualities of the End Cross Member suppliers • Accountability for quality issues • Production capabilities • Ease of communication • Cooperation with third-party QC • Ethical compliance • Regulatory compliance • Clear and comprehensive record keeping • A proactive attitude towards continuous improvement Learn More About Brackets for Vehicles http://www.jagjitenterprises.com/blog/learn-more-about-brackets-for-vehicles_8661.htm Sat, 16 May 2020 10:41:51 +0530 Brackets are one of the most useful attachments in any vehicle. These brackets are used to hold heavy items or save bumpers from getting damaged. One such bracket that is most commonly used is the cross member assembly bracket. What is a Crossmember Assembly Bracket Crossmember assembly is a bracket for commercial vehicles that have an upper panel, central lower panel, pair of lower panels, etc. These brackets are mounted at the back or on the sides of the vehicle. It is made of steel or plastic and is very convenient to install and remove from the vehicles. Usually, the assembly is made of steel as they are sturdy. However, many manufacturers also use strong plastic to manufacture these assemblies. They are boxed and are usually bolted at the bottom of a vehicle. But it depends on how the owner of the vehicles wants to use the assembly. Hence, they have the flexibility of installing the assembly anywhere they want in the vehicle, even on the sides. Advantages of Brackets for Vehicles One of the biggest advantages of having a bracket for vehicles is that it is durable. Hence, you do not have to keep changing the brackets every few months. These brackets last for many years. Another advantage of these brackets is that you do not have to worry about maintenance. They do not rust or get cracked and that is why you do have to worry if it comes into contact with water or moisture. Unlike some of the extra parts of any vehicle, brackets are cheapest. Hence, getting them installed on your vehicle will not hurt you or your pocket. They are also easily available and can be replaced anytime. Since they are quite popularly used for commercial vehicles, you can get the parts of these brackets easily. If used in the bumper, the brackets save your bumper from any impact or collision. These brackets are also shockproof. Hence, are very useful for commercial vehicles. What Should you Consider While Buying a Bracket? No brackets can fit in every vehicle as they come in various sizes. So, when you buy your bracket, decide the size of the bracket that you want and where you want to mount it. Brackets for commercial vehicles India come in different designs and styles. That is why you should also decide the size and design of the bracket. When you want to install the bracket, you also need to make sure that you consider what equipment will be mounted on the bracket. Brackets can be fixed permanently and temporarily also. So, you need to also decide whether you want the brackets for some time or permanently. Brackets are also adjustable. So, make sure that you choose the right one for your vehicle. When you are buying a bracket, you should also consider the manufacturer and the quality so that you do not have to worry about it getting damaged easily. So, choose a manufacturer who will give you a high-quality product and also at the most reasonable price. Top Reasons Behind Power Steering Damage http://www.jagjitenterprises.com/blog/top-reasons-behind-power-steering-damage_9204.htm Fri, 28 Aug 2020 11:08:08 +0530 If you have driven a car sans power steering, then you might have understood the importance of the same in the modern driving system. Power steering is what eases your manoeuvring process and lends more comfort to both your passengers and you. It is the power steering which renders you the ability to swerve and keep away from unexpected intruders and obstacles on the roads like careless pedestrians, vehicles, and animals. Why Do you Need to Protect You Power Steering? Power Steering serves as a vital role in maintaining the safety and agility of your car. And that implies that you have to depend on power steering. However, you must bear in mind that power steering is not resistant to damage. There are myriad scenarios where your power steering can stop functioning. Contaminated Fluid Power steering is a hydraulic system, which means that it puts the power of force pushing on liquids into use to result in motion. Power steering is capable of incorporating a huge amount of force with minimum energy input, hence, proving to be a powerful way to have your car controlled. However, you can only expect a smooth working of this system when only when the hydraulic fuel is clean. Contaminated hydraulic fuel can lead to wearing down of fittings, clogging the steering, and creating a rise in friction. No wonder, why you must always consider changing your vehicle’s power steering fluid as per the manufacturer’s manual guide. Incorrect Fluid Levels To ensure that your power steering works sans any problem, you must see that an accurate level of fluid passes through it. While too much fluid can lead to collapsed seals and valves, whereas too few fluids would lead to inappropriate pressure being exerted. By replacing the fluid from time to time, you can avoid this issue, but any kinds of leaks can result in fluid loss which would ultimately trigger power steering failure. Broken Belts It is the pump powered by the engine, which makes the functioning of the power steering possible, it is because that the engine is connected to the power steering pump, that any kind of breakage, corrosion, fraying, and stretching can lead to immediate shut down of your system. Always consider checking your power steering belt and replace it if you notice any signs of damage, aging, and wearing. Damaged Steering Pump The power steering pump is an integral component that is always used, every time you drive your car. While pumps are sold as durable, they can eventually wear out. Exerting too much strain on the pump can lead them to prematurely fail. Excessive Force Power steering can resist some imperfect road conditions, comprising of potholes, unexpected bumpers, and or har jolts against your vehicle wheels. There are many steering system components like belts, pumps power steering brackets which can break if you exert too much pressure on it. This is the ultimate reason why you must stay away from rough roads unless you have equipped your vehicles with a steering pump that is exclusively designed to handle all kinds of related obstacles. Maintaining your Power Steering System Keeping your power steering system is easier than you have imagined. By safe driving, you can avoid a lot of unsuspected strain on your power steering system and help it run smoothly for several years. Check your power steering pressures followed by hoses. The power steering fluid in your power steering system undergoes two different hoses; a high-pressure side and a low-pressure side. However, the leaks can form on the other side, so always ensure that there are no leaks on the two hoses. Choose your power steering exporters from India carefully, to avoid replacing it often or to encounter damage on it. A well-renowned exporter shall always deal with high-end products and shall guarantee you of its durability. By maintaining your power steering regularly and by addressing the issues, you can easily help in the smooth running of the same. Always keep an eye out for the mentioned common issues of power steering. Upon detecting any of the problems, seek help from the professionals and get it resolved as soon as you can.      How To Choose The Right Assy Air Tank? http://www.jagjitenterprises.com/blog/how-to-choose-the-right-assy-air-tank_9678.htm Thu, 19 Nov 2020 15:59:27 +0530 Normal air tanks or Assy air tanks are generally used for storing the compressed gas or air before it can pass and enter to the equipment or system. This makes sure that in case there is a spike or home in the requirements of pressure, there still is some buffer air inside the tank which can be used instead of getting the equipment or vehicle to face a complete shutdown. The air tanks help to ensure that there are no pressure fluctuations or air demands which can affect the mechanism and working of the system. If you are planning to get air tank, then this article is are for you. Here you will get to learn about some of the key points which you should know.Reduces The Fluctuations Of Pressure One of the main points which you should consider while choosing to buy air tanks is that it should be bought from reliable and trusted manufacturers only. These tanks help in reducing the pressure fluctuations. Your entire production process can be affected if there is fluctuation in the air pressure. And at the end, the quality of the product will not be up to the mark. As an individual, you should always keep the pressure of the compressor and the application of the user and their needs in your mind while choosing a tank from the suppliers. The pressure inside the air tank should be perfect and sufficient so that the compressed air which is stored inside these tanks is useful and beneficial. This is one of the reasons why choosing the right air tank is necessary to reduce the fluctuating pressure. This allows the compressed air to be used for different applications without any trouble.Ensures Safety For any industry the first and foremost important thing is safety. For any equipment and tool which is used in the industry, one must gain sufficient knowledge. The first consideration while using an air tank for a commercial vehicle or any other work is to check whether it is safe and secured or not. You must check that these air tanks can be used to the turn off the systems down if there is any kind of emergency. Also, after you source these air tanks in your company, call for an expert who can check whether these works fine. This will give you double surety and you will stay safe.Minimizes The Consumption Of Air One of the most important energies on earth is air. You should conserve this energy as much as you can and that should be your top moto. It is said that an air receiver helps in reducing air consumption. This would also enable your air tanks to work for a longer time and in tighter pressures. This lets the compressor to unload or load. The tanks must be used sized properly if you want to increase the demand flow of air. This will help save the consumption of energy substantially. Also, the larger air tanks will prevent the motor from starting again and again. It also extends the life span of the air tank of the compressor.Meets The Demand Of Increased Air At the time there are cases when you need higher compressed air. The demand for the air that is required also goes high in the shorter notice. The air tanks should be able to handle such needs and demand rise. This is to ascertain that the pressure never reached to the point which is below the level which is acceptable according to the standards. The air receiver will also allow the space for storage to meet such demands and also in a short span. The air tank which you are choosing should meet all these demands and in a shorter period. There should not be any chances of damage or failure.Choose the best Assy air tanks for your use from the best manufacturers in the country. Industrial Shock Absorbers - A Complete Overview http://www.jagjitenterprises.com/blog/industrial-shock-absorbers-a-complete-overview_10148.htm Sat, 27 Feb 2021 12:52:12 +0530 As industries aim to improve efficiency by higher-speed machine operation, noise, disruption to equipment and unnecessary vibration are always the outcome. Security and efficiency of the computer are therefore diminished. A broad range of goods is also used to solve these problems. But their performance and service vary greatly. Typical products are rubber bulbs, springs, cylinders, and hydraulic shock absorbers Lucknow for use. In this video, you can see why Enidine shock absorbers are the intelligent alternative in order to fulfill your energy requirements:Theory Of Energy AbsorptionThe kinetic energy is in a moving object. Weight and speed depend on how much energy is produced. To repose a moving object, a mechanical instrument that generates diametrically opposite forces to the direction of travel must be used.Rubber Bumpers And Springs -While very cheap, they have an unintended retroactive effect. Any of the energy these consume is currently contained in the effect. This accumulated energy is restored to the load and bounces and generates load or equipment injury ability. Initially, bumpers and springs are of the low resistance force, but gradually the stroke rises.Cylinder CushionsTheir area of service is small. They are most commonly unable to consume the system's electricity. By nature, the coil is very short in length and operates under low pressure, resulting in very low absorption of energy. The remainder of the energy is transmitted to the device and induces shock and vibration.Industrial Shock AbsorbersThey provide regulation, deceleration, and are predictable. These products work by the transfer of film energy to thermal energy. In fact, the action on a hydraulic shock absorber piston strains the fluid and causes it to flow through limiting openings allowing the fluid to heat quickly.The Advantages Of Using Shock Absorbers Include:● The use of industrial shock absorbers greatly reduces shock and machine vibration by long machine life. Longer machine life This avoids losses to equipment, decreases downtime and repair costs and increases system life.● Higher running speeds — Higher speeds can be used to monitor or softly avoid moving objects, because industrial shock absorbers. Output rates can also be improved.● Improved output quality – adverse side effects such as noise, vibration and harmful effects are minimised or avoided, thus enhancing production quality. Therefore, it is better to manage tolerances and suits.● Safer machinery service — Industrial shock absorbers have predictable, efficient and regulated depreciation for machinery and equipment operators. They can, if applicable, even be built to follow such safety requirements.● Competitive advantages – Higher efficiency, longer life, fewer operating costs and cleaner operation are making computers more attractive.Automotive vs. Industrial Shock AbsorbersThe variations between the traditional automobile shock absorber and the commercial shock absorber should be understood. The car style uses a deflective beam and hydraulic system. Single orifice, multi-orifice, and metering pin combinations are used for automotive shock absorbers. The car style retains a damping force that correlates directly with the speed.Although the piston varies in relation to the piston velocity rectangle, in the industrial form the damping force.In comparison, the damping force of the vehicle form is independent of the position of a stroke and, depending on or independently of the position, the damping force associated with the industrial style is built.It is also important to remember that the automobile style shock absorbers are only ideal for absorption for a certain input energy quantity. This means that it would have minimal absorption potential as opposed to the industrial form in any given geometric scale of an automobile shock absorber. This is demonstrated by the study of the structural nature of the car form and the lower strength of the widely used components.Adjustment TechniquesAn industrial shock absorber that is correctly calibrated can safely disperse electricity, reducing shock damage and sound levels. The observation and "listening" of a shock absorber as it operates helps to adapt correctly.Set the adaptation knob to zero (0) before the device is activated to accurately adjust an automotive shock absorber. Cycle the system and observe system deceleration.If the damping is too sluggish, shift the indicator to the next largest number (unit strokes without any visual deceleration and bangs at the end of the stroke. Get some knowledge about the purpose and benefit of cross members http://www.jagjitenterprises.com/blog/get-some-knowledge-about-the-purpose-and-benefit-of-cross-members_10556.htm Wed, 12 May 2021 20:16:05 +0530 Cross Member is recognized to be one of the structural sections crossed to the main structure. According to the word of the automotive industry, the phrase typically refers to a component, made of steel, that is boxed to gobble underside of a monolithic motor vehicle to help the intramural combustion engine or to support transmission.   The motive of cross member team is to gather various members from different departments to work on a specific project to reach the goal. Although there are so many benefits of being in cross-functioning teamwork, the organizations have to face some challenges too. Each person consists of a different mindset and when they come together for a common purpose, it becomes a challenge to verify the right one on the table.   Purpose of cross member:• Firm structure: Most tractor chassis and trucks are manufactured encompassing two beams to run the whole vehicle. Traditionally, those beams are called frame rails that are connected by the structures of secondary beams referred to as cross members. The primitive purpose of the cross members is to manifest a firm structure within that frame rail to transfer the loads and forces from one frame rails to another one. In short, the components are working together as a system.• C-channel: The cross-member system and frame rail are used to manufacture the vehicle. There are plenty of designing shapes, concepts, and materials available for the construction of cross members. The center section of the cross member is shaped as C-channel and the attached plates are riveted, bolted, and welded by the end of the C-channel.• Supporter for a frame: Cross members must provide support to the frame. The frame rail is stressed for carrying different loads laying on the frame. Frame rail typically emphasizes shear or frame twist, and frame roll.Benefits of cross-member:Various structural parts and sections are widely used in the entire vehicle to have proper efficiency in performance. Each part has played a vital role in diverse the vehicle in a proper way. The assortment utilized for the vehicles of cross members includes End Cross Member, Shock Absorber Cross Member, and Assy Cross Member. • Availability: Depending upon the various uses and shapes of the cross members, we can say that End Cross Member Suppliers supply various types and sizes of cross-members all over the country. people can easily purchase this.• Durability: The parts of the vehicle endure enormous strength to carry the vehicle. The parts are durable and sturdy. As a result, they can pass any hindrances and jerks during running it.• High-efficiency: The cross member is infused with sturdiness, high efficiency, and water-proof feature. For this, cross members don’t need much maintenance. They can do their work properly without any defects.• Quality: All the parts have gone through a proper process of verification before to supply to the customers. If they adequately overcome all the tests, they are ready to dispatch to the customers. They are properly polished and packed before dispatching so that customers would receive the order in good condition.• Guarantee: All the cross members look solid. This feature ensures that the cross member has a long life. If they are weak, they could not carry the load of the vehicle and break out very easily. All types of cross members could use to fix any parts of the vehicle or to give them a proper position so that the vehicle could run over any distance without bothering much.• Affordable: Nowadays, the cross members are easily available to any market or local shops and affordable too. Vehicle engineers widely   use the cross members to repair the old one by replacing it with new. As it comes in the affordable category, anyone can purchase it.However, cross members work as an essential object to fix any parts of the vehicle. It becomes one of the most important things for mechanics and engineers nowadays. I Hope, you get some informative information about cross members by reading the article. The Hidden Danger Of Worn Out Shock Absorbers http://www.jagjitenterprises.com/blog/the-hidden-danger-of-worn-out-shock-absorbers_10908.htm Sat, 26 Jun 2021 00:26:47 +0530   Shock absorbers aren't the most entertaining aspect of a car, but they are essential elements of a vehicle's protection, along with tires and braking. They are concealed under the wheel arches of a vehicle, but unlike tires, apparent corrosion and wear can not be checked periodically.   The job of the shock absorber supplied by shock absorber bracket suppliers is to maintain the tyres, which provide optimal control during cornering and braking, in permanent contact with the road. Shock absorbers are used in the chassis, thus the travel and comfort of the car are affected if the shocks are worn.   The Risks Of Worn Shock Absorbers Most people don't even realize the possible hazards posed by worn shock absorber brackets, or that even though all other safety elements perform properly their vehicles, their drivers and other road users are severely impaired. Two recent polls show an indication of the magnitude of the challenge. In Britain, it has been found that more than 6 million out of 25 million vehicles on the road have at least one worn-out shock absorber, while 20-25 per cent of drivers in Belgium drive cars with worn-out shocks.   Monroe also found out that the top Ten  risks synonymous with worn shock absorbers are the world's leading brand of shock absorbers:   Lower braking efficiency leads to longer stop distances. Reduced efficiency of Anti-Lock Braking Systems (ABS) and Electronic Stability Control (ESP) Increased chance of skidding in the wet Lower-speed aquaplaning takes place Less stability in a crosswind Less control Enhanced driver fatigue and decreased reaction or speed Increased wear of pneumatic and additional parts Different headlight level that causes the drivers to come blindness Improved travel malaise Increased Êsnaking risk while travelling   A series of comparison studies between vehicles equipped with 50% shock and 100% successful Monroe Sensa-Trac with safety-tech shock absorbers was carried out in order to demonstrate the risk of driving with worn-out shock absorbers. The first studies have shown that a multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) such as a Renault Space with worn shocks can have a stopping distance of up to four meters more than the same vehicle with new shocks, having been partnered with TÜV, one of the European leading safety institutes. In the second test of the new Volkswagen Beetle, the vehicles have a stopping distance that is up to 6 meters longer than when equipped with new shocks, even when they are provided with the current automotive protection system, such as Anti-Lock Braking (ABS) and Electronic Stability Control (EBS). The final series of experiments aimed at showing the impact of ice and snow, when mixed with worn shocks, on car braking and snow-resistant structures. The braking test showed that an emergency braking distance of 1,8 meters was 1.8 meters longer than that of the same vehicle equipped with a 100% effective shock, equipped with ABS but also with a 50% worn shock.   It took an additional 1.2 meters to avoid the same measure for a Peugeot 206 with ABS and 50 per cent worn shocks. The findings of the braking test show that the ABS mechanism of a car does not work correctly against shocks that are worn. In conclusion, measuring acceleration for cars on ice and snow, it was found that in seven seconds a car such as the Mercedes-Benz C250 with an ASR anti-spin mechanism and 100% effective shocks accelerated to a speed of 35.6 km/h (22.1 mph) while only 34.2 km/h (21.2 mph) could boost 16% for the first car with 50% worn shocks The lost traction interval was also 37% shorter with 100% effective shocks compared with 50% worn parts.   This test shows the need to ensure that even when fitted with ASR, the shocks of a car are in good shape.   Final Words The output of a shock absorber is steadily and imperceptibly deteriorating with time, during which the driver adjusts his driving unintentionally in order to offset wear and deterioration. Shaking absorbers are naturally worn and tear, as in other components of a vehicle in continual operation. Why You Need Power Steering Brackets And Systems? http://www.jagjitenterprises.com/blog/why-you-need-power-steering-brackets-and-systems_11434.htm Fri, 03 Sep 2021 10:26:37 +0530 The power steering system that is present in most motor vehicles is responsible for helping the drivers steer the vehicle. This is done by augmenting or adding the effort that is required to turn the steering wheel. Eventually, this makes it easier for the driver to manoeuvre the vehicle.The hydraulic or electric motors help in adding some controlled energy to the steering mechanism. The drivers can provide with much less physical effort as compared to before when they are driving at typical speeds, in order to turn the wheels. The Power steering brackets are an integral part of the power steering system. These brackets help in controlling and holding the position of the steering pump. There are several holes in a steering bracket thatare responsible for matching those of a steering pump. A number of different steering brackets are available in the market based on the type of steering system. The electric power steering systems are a system that uses the electronic motors or actuators. In this system,the motors provide the drivers with assistance. There are a number of different sensors present in such a system. These sensors are responsible for detecting the position and torque of the column. Points of Distinction between the manual steering and power steering system? • The Power steering system helps to steer the wheel by using power. But the manual steering system includes the addition of manual force by the driver for steering the wheel. • The power steering systems most commonly are used in hydraulic and electronic motors or actuators. The hydraulic power steering system consists of a rack and pinion, a ball and nut that keep recirculating along with a worm and a roller.The electronic power steering brackets exporters from India have said that this system mainly consists of a rack, pinion along with the column driver. • The column, pin and rack are all controlled or driven by the electronic powering system. The manual steering just like the hydraulic systems consists of a worm, roller recirculating ball and nut. Advantages of power steering systems are: • The Power steering system is responsible for preventing the wheel from transferring the load to the steering column. • The driver has to put much less physical effort while driving due to the power steering system. Hence, it can be said that the power steering system can be useful in reducing fatigue in the driver. • The input torque is lowered due to this system along with the continuous functioning of the steering wheel. • The oil output is considered to be directly proportional to the speed of the steering in the power steering system. The cars that are being introduced nowadays come with exclusive electric power steering. When the driver provides enough pressure through the steering, all the electronic sensors read the input and then transfer it to the electronic control unit of the vehicle. The electronic control unit or ECU helps in analysing all the inputs in order to give a voltage signal to the electronic motor that is present at the end of the steering column. Why You Should Use End Cross Members? http://www.jagjitenterprises.com/blog/why-you-should-use-end-cross-members_11781.htm Sat, 13 Nov 2021 18:56:06 +0530 Cross members are a vital component typically used in the vehicle industry. It is basically a component that is made of steel and boxed. The cross member is mostly bolted across the underside of a unibody motor vehicle or monocoque and isknown for supporting the internal engine responsible for combustion and transmission. All of this is done by the end cross member by keeping the body panels of the car aligned.The suspension system of the car is aided by this as it provides the necessary stability to the vehicle. Although cross members are designed ina way that they last for a long period of time, it is oftenfound that they get corroded and bent over the span of time. In some cases, cross members are significantly damaged due to some kind of accident. Most vehicle owners aroundthe market are always advised to get the cross members of their cars checked and inspected by qualified and talented professionals if there are any visible signs of wear.Professionals and experts would first conduct necessary inspections and checks to understand whether the end cross memberneeds to be replaced with a completely new one or not. One can find several suppliers and manufacturers of such end cross members in the market who are even capable of providing their esteemed clients or customers with a variety of vehicle components based on the wide variety of cars.Customers should always check that their end cross member supplier has good relationships with some of the most popular and reputed component manufacturers in order to ensure that the products they are going for are not only of exceptional quality but are also available at extremely affordable and reasonable market rates or prices.End Cross Members are even used in the truck trailers. These members provide the stability and support that is needed by the trailer to efficiently carry bulks of load and weight. The endcross member suppliers around the market have developed and created their products in a way that they add up a greater value to the trailer trucks. Some highly qualified and skilled professionals and experts in the market often refer to these cross members as the backbone of the truck trailer industry as they help in easing out the responsibility on the shoulders of the driver.Customers can even contact a reputed cross member supplier in order to get themselves asemi-trailer cross member that would efficiently and effectively address their critical problems in no time. Suppliers and manufacturers of these cross members nowadays assure their esteemed clients or customers about the high strength, durability and resistance of such end cross members.The nature of a trailer can be changed into afuel-efficient one if the right design of the end crossmember is used.Some of the most basic qualities that one can find in any supplier of end cross members:• Accountability for any issues related to the cross member• The easier flow of communication between the supplier and the customers interested in buying the end cross members• Clear and comprehensive maintenance of records